Youth Enjoy LSC’s Adventure Week

 August 30, 2019
Posted by LSC
Boy planting flowers

Lake Street youth engaged in some important work during Adventure Week, July 29th-Aug 2nd. In this social justice immersion week, 15 youth from 6 different churches gathered each day to get their hands dirty and learn about our wider community. We hiked two miles through forest preserve and learned about the importance of pollinators for our climate. We made 100 sandwiches for teens experiencing homelessness. We watched 2 movies, and played countless rounds of Twister. At Villa Guadelupe senior center, we planted flowers in their garden and chatted with the residents.



One hot, sticky afternoon we made spaghetti with salad, watermelon, apples, bread, and cookies for 150 people to serve on the Night Bus. Traffic slowed us down so we arrived 10 minutes late, with dozens of people already lined up for food. As we piled out of the van, one tray of spaghetti sauce collapsed- pasta sauce everywhere. Not a minute later, the bottom broke out of the apple box and 100 apples came tumbling out of the van into the street. We were literally overflowing with food. The neighborhood ate just about everything we brought in the first hour. It was chaos, fun, and full bellies all at once.


Rabbi Julie from North Shore Mental Health Services did a workshop with us on self-care because as we learned, justice work is hard. Really hard. We ate dozens of tacos at Los Comales in Pilsen before sorting 32 bags of donated clothing for the Resurrection Project’s thrift store. When they asked us to sort clothes by gender, we had a complex discussion about what that means and how we do so in an inclusive way.


At Cradles to Crayons, we “tested” toys. We had to make sure the light up toys glowed, the soundmakers made noise, and that the puzzles had all their pieces. Our toy packs supported 312 Chicago kids that morning. We learned how to change a flat bike tire from Mark at Bikes N Roses and tested his bicycle that goes forward when you pedal backwards. Connections for the Homeless gave us a tour of their space and put us to work sorting clothing and food donations. We finished in record time, allowing us to get started painting the youth room earlier than planned. Our week ended in a trip to movies to see Lion King with Icees and popcorn after a long week of service and learning.


There is not one memory to sum up the week, but dozens. Thank you for your continued support of our youth and their projects!