An intergenerational group, the Crystal Ringers enables family members to play together.

“My 6-year-old loves playing music in church. Individual notes magically turn into a song
when the whole group plays together. My son and I are both learning to read music. It’s an
activity we can share for years to come.”
Natalie Kendall

Tone chimes are metal tubes with attached clappers, played similarly to handbells. Carol Watkins, who provides instruction on tone-chime technique as well as in basic music theory, leads the Crystal Ringers as they bring their lovely sound to services. Tone chimes are for persons of all ages and abilities; children and youth participate fully, sometimes alongside their parents.


The Crystal Ringers bring their “good vibrations” to services several times a year. If you are interested in giving the tone chimes a try, please join a rehearsal in the Choir Room (Room 204) 9:30–10:15 am on a Sunday. For more information send us a message.

“Playing with the Crystal Ringers at LSC has not only given me a wonderful opportunity to make beautiful music in a fun and non-threatening environment, but it has also provided a special time and place and activity for my child and me to enjoy together—just us. Carving out this special time of the week to engage in something that we both enjoy has been very, very important.”
Karen Goetz