Get Involved, a Little or a Lot.

We volunteer our time and talent to serve each other and sustain our resources to enhance the quality of life for our congregation and the wider community.

Adult Religious Education and Spiritual Development



Lake Street Church offers many educational opportunities for adults, including embracing the study of the world’s religions and spiritual movements in pursuit of each person’s spiritual journey. For more information, click here.

Congregational Life

The Congregational Life Committee welcomes and integrates friends and members of the church into the life of the congregation, and helps members to live the promises in our covenant. The committee organizes annual or biannual intergenerational events to build and nurture our community, and manages our important coffee hour tradition every Sunday.

Cooperative Ministries Committee

The Lake Street Church Cooperative Ministries Committee proposes recommendations for annual Lake Street Church gifts to outside organizations and develops additional ways to raise funds for and be involved with those organizations. It reflects and reports to the General Board on the broad scope of Lake Street Church’s generosity efforts, and it maintains a strong and authentic connection to our denomination, American Baptist Churches USA. To request more information on the Cooperative Ministries Committee, click here.


Lake Street Church Deacons support the pastoral ministry of the church by responding to emergent needs of members undergoing significant change and/or disruptions due to illness, injury, and other changes in their life situation. They work to integrate all members, both new and old, into the life of the church through activities such as facilitating New Member sessions and assisting the ministers on Communion Sunday. To request more information about Lake Street Church Deacons, click here.

Finance Committee

The Lake Street Church Finance Committee supervises the church’s income and expenses as well as analyzes and provides insight on church finances. Each year the committee works with the church community to develop and propose a budget to the Board for their deliberation and approval. To request more information on the Finance Committee, click here.

House Committee

The Lake Street Church House Committee maintains the physical plant of the church and grounds and manages building usage to offset the cost of maintenance. Where possible, committee members engage in the actual maintenance work. While controlling income and expenditures, the committee strives to provide the highest quality maintenance of our historic building so the building can support the programs of the church. To request more information about the House Committee, click here.


Our “marthas” do special group projects several times per year. Whether caring for the sanctuary, the grounds, or the church house, they roll up their sleeves and get out the elbow grease. Activities can include painting rooms, winterizing windows, raking leaves, or other garden tasks. Laughter and fellowship provided at no charge. Volunteers can join in once or more often.To request more information about marthas, click here.


Music is an integral part of the Lake Street Church community. Congregants of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate as singers, instrumentalists or in other ways. For more information, click here.

Nominating Committee

The Lake Street Church Nominating Committee has the honor each year of nominating people for leadership positions at the church. To request more information about the Nominating Committee, click here.

Outreach Committee

The Lake Street Church Outreach Committee develops and distributes communications to and within the wider community to encourage and welcome visitors and bring in new members. To request more information about the Outreach Committee, click here.

Peace and Justice Committee

This committee helps the Lake Street Church community move from contemplation to action. Committee members join forces with groups such as Chicago Area Peace Action, Christian Religious Leadership Network, the People’s Lobby, Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants, and other partners to raise awareness of local, national and international issues. In addition, they lead our Sanctuary church efforts, bring in experts on climate change, write letters to enlighten or share our views with legislators, and march for peace and justice, taking on what needs to be done for people to thrive—the Common Good. To request more information about the Peace and Justice Committee, click here.

Spiritual Pathways Committee

Spiritual Pathways has conducted programs including participation by various faith traditions including Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, Pagan, Jain and Native American. They have hosted chanting Tibetan Monks, Kirtan ensembles and convened a Good Friday Christian/Jewish service, sung chants of various faiths and celebrated the sacred music of George Harrison. Other programs have included “My Spiritual Journey” (an exploration of our individual spiritual paths), Passage Meditation, Centering Prayer, the Enneagram and Lake Street Church’s Living Buddha/Living Christ service conducted for over 15 years.

Staff Relations Committee

The Lake Street Staff Relations Committee serves as liaison between the church staff and the congregation. To request more information on the Staff Relations Committee, click here.

Stewardship Committee

The Lake Street Church Stewardship Committee conducts the annual pledge drive and encourages additional fundraising efforts throughout the year. To request more information about the Stewardship Committee, click here.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee serves to advise and assist the senior minister in developing worship services. They help plan special services, generate ideas for new and interesting content, and discuss the impact of recent worship services. They also serve as a conduit of communication between the laity and the minister, bringing congregational feedback and questions to the minister, and in turn, delivering ministerial messages back to the laity, as needed. For more information, click here.


Youth Religious Education and Spiritual Development

Our church is a loving place that delights in the irrepressible spirits of children from families of every definition and size and nurtures them with spiritual traditions and encouragement to explore their own truths. For information on the full range of Sunday School classes, click here.