Pledge Sunday is November 4th

 October 16, 2018
Posted by LSC

Stewardship season has begun at Lake Street Church. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

Pledging Q & A

How do I print a pledge form?

Click here to download a pdf file of the pledge form to your computer. After it is
downloaded, open and print the file.



Hard copies of the form are available in the church office.

When is the deadline for submitting my pledge form?

The deadline this year (2018) is Sunday, November 4, “Pledge Sunday.”

What is Pledge Sunday?

Pledge Sunday is the day each year when the congregation is invited to bring their pledge forms to the chancel during the service, placing them in a basket set on the sewing machine that founding mother Frances Iglehart used as an altar and pulpit in her home, when our church was in its earliest years (the mid-1800’s). If, when Pledge Sunday arrives, you have already submitted your pledge form to the church office, and you wish to place something in the basket, the ushers will provide a form for you.

How will my pledge money be spent?

Pledge monies are used to cover the general operating expenses of the church.

How do I set up automated on-line giving?

Here are detailed instructions.  Mouse over the lower left corner and click on the down arrow to advance to the next page. Click the plus sign to enlarge the text:



On-Line Donation Instructions



For additional information about Ways to Give to Lake Street Church of Evanston, click here.

Is there anything else I should know about pledging?

Yes. Everyone who submits a pledge before or on November 4th will be given a copy of the Lake Street Church cookbook. Everyone who pledges will receive a “Light the Way!” key-ring flashlight.

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