Lent at Lake Street Church

 March 1, 2020
Posted by Lake Street Church

Please join us for these special lenten activities. All are welcome!

March 1

Blessing of Compost Bins

Come celebrate the start of a new initiative at Lake Street Church, as Reverend Michael Woolf blesses our commitment to creating less waste during coffee hour.

After church, MacLeish Hall

March 8

Gun Violence Flag Action

Flags marking each mass shooting in the U.S. were on the lawn at Lake Street Church until the end of 2019, and now the flags that we decorated, prayed over, and made sacred will be mailed to elected officials urging them to take action on gun violence. Help us mail a short letter describing our public witness and a flag to someone who has the power to end gun violence.

After church, Parlor

March 15

Better Angels Workshop

Wondering how to have conversations across political difference? We are partnering with Better Angels to offer a workshop that will help us learn the skills to have those conversations.

After church, Parlor, Registration Required: Call (847) 864-2181.

March 19

Messy Church: Palm Prep Edition

Anna Piela will lead us in creating Polish-style “palms” using colorful dried plants and paper flowers. Like all Messy Church events, this event is for all ages and abilities. In addition to engaging in creative expression, we will share a meal and enjoy each other’s company. Contact jwesterfield@lakestreet.org for more information.

6:30-8 PM, MacLeish Hall

March 22

Talking About Faith

Need some guidance about how to talk about your faith with friends or acquaintances? Many of us fear being linked to conservative Christians, or just lack the language for discussing what we do here. Come learn some tips on how to invite people to Lake Street events, discuss the ideas that form your moral center, and mark the difference between yourself and conservative Christianity.

After church, Parker Room

March 29

Baptism Sunday

Middle-school aged confirmands will share their faith with this congregation. Some will choose to get baptized, others may not, but the service will be one of celebration as we honor the commitment of these bright and engaged youth.

Sunday Worship, 10:30am

April 5

Palm Sunday

Come wave palms and shout “Hosanna!” as we discuss the ancient story of Palm Sunday in worship. Bring the palms you made at Messy Church if you have them.

Sunday Worship

April 9

Blues Maundy Thursday

Come and engage with the rich tradition of Maundy Thursday through communion, a short message from Reverend Michael Woolf, and blues music! The blending of the ancient with the present is something that will help you create meaning on this holy day.

7pm in the Sanctuary

April 12


Come with joyous hearts as we awaken to spring and the celebration of Easter. The theme for this service comes from Pablo Neruda: “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.” God is continually calling us from death to life, and we will spend this Sunday considering the ancient story of Jesus’ victory over the grave with all the complexity, difficulty, and beauty that entails.

Sunday Worship