Lake Street Church embraces the study of the world’s religions and spiritual movements in pursuit of each person’s spiritual journey.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute suggestions for ways to share the hidden wholeness of life that connects us all. The opportunities to learn and connect with each other within groups and programs are as diverse as the church itself.


Abwoon Study Circle

Gather around the ancient wisdom and mystical truths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam as we seek inspiration and guidance for challenges in life and community.  Our resources are the writings and inspiration of Neil Douglas-Klotz.  Weekly, Sunday morning at 9:30, Rose Window Room. Contact: Marcia Heeter.

Jesus and His Jewish Influences

Jean Gillies is currently leading this adult education class focusing on the course Jesus and His Jewish Influences by Jodi Magness, Ph.D., the Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  DVD and discussion.  Weekly, Sunday morning at 9:30, Parker Room. Facilitator: Jean Gillies.

The Teachings of Compassion

A Buddhist Perspective

Compassion and diminishing suffering for all living beings is a special focus of the Buddhist tradition. Explore and reflect on their relevance to our lives. Weekly, Sunday morning at 9:30, The Library. Check calendar for schedule. Facilitator: Dan Lyonsmith.

Groups & Programs

Sadhana Saturday

Sadhana is Sanskrit for spiritual path. Once a month, we come together to practice meditation and discuss our spiritual journey, giving each other support along the way. No need to follow a particular religion to participate in any of the spiritual practices we use. All are welcome. Facilitator: Loretta Line.

Camp Grow

Join Lake Street Church as we spend a weekend in August at this wonderful camp on Green Lake in Wisconsin—one is not required to come with children of one’s own to have a great experiences connecting to others in this delightful setting. Annual event. Coordinator: Phil Osborne.

Let's Be Frank Improvisers

Join a playful and fun-loving group of folk who practice improvisation on Saturday mornings. Weekly, Saturday morning at 10:30, location may vary, check calendar. Facilitator: Rich Berry.


Our Evolving Selves: Where and How? Looking back, how did we get to where we are? Looking ahead, how might we get to where we want to go? A place to reflect on and share their experiences moving into older adulthood.  Monthly, second Monday at 9:30, Parker Room. For more information, click here.

Yoga Tree of Evanston

Iyengar Yoga classes offered throughout the week. The Iyengar method incorporates poses and rhythmic breathing exercises geared for people of all levels of practice, all ages and health conditions.  All teachers are Iyengar certified. Contact: Patrina Dobish.