Thank you for your interest in the Interim Minister position at Lake Street Church in
Evanston, IL . We seek to fill the position by February  1, 2017, and thus assume that by applying you would be able to start on or shortly after that date.

We hope that you have explored the Lake Street Church website and like what you saw and are open to the opportunity to lead us through this time of transition in leadership.

To apply please send your most current resume/vitae and cover letter to the chair of the Interim Minister Search Committee, George Rounds, at this email address:  Our postal address is:  Lake Street Church, 607 Lake St.,
Evanston, IL, 60201.

Your cover letter should describe why you are interested in the position and what particular experience and passion you would bring to our community.


Should you have any questions feel free to call Mr. Rounds at 847-274-1197 during normal working hours.




The Interim Minister (IM) is a full-time temporary position. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, the Interim Minister will provide spiritual guidance and leadership and support for the special tasks of the congregation during the period of pastoral transition:

— Helping us toward congregational health and readiness to welcome a new minister to our community.

— Providing spiritual leadership and direction for the congregation including and identifying current and potential problems within the congregation.

— Understanding Lake Street Church’s rich history as an American Baptist congregation and its wide spectrum of beliefs.

— Facilitating the discernment of our identity and purpose.

— Supporting the development of lay leadership.

— Encouraging the congregation’s spiritual growth by action and example.

— Exploring and strengthening denominational links.

— Helping to clarify and heal conflicts that get in the way of our process of transition.

— Committing to new leadership and new ministry.

Preaching and Worship:

The Interim Minister (IM) holds primary responsibility for preaching and worship leadership, and works with the Director of Music, the Worship Committee, and staff in planning regular worship and special services. The Interim Minister is expected to preach approximately 36 times/year.


The IM also works with the Worship Committee and Director of Music in planning and leadership of special services and ceremonies as requested during the year.


Administrative Responsibilities:

The IM has supervisory responsibility for the professional staff, and provides oversight and direction for the administrative functions of the church. The IM understands and supports the Lake Street Church Personnel Policies.


The IM shall lead the church staff in a collegial manner, and as a team the staff shall be responsible to the General Board for the facilities, program, and fiscal aspects of church life.


The IM serves as the liaison of the staff to the General Board and the Finance Committee. The IM, along with the Director of Music and Church Administrator, attends Board meetings ex-officio.


The IM provides ministerial support to each of the church’s committees as needed.


Pastoral Care:

The IM oversees the pastoral care of the congregation directly and indirectly. Direct pastoral care will be in the form of hospital calls, supporting those who are facing personal crises, and taking initiative to express appropriate care for congregants when they are in need. Indirect pastoral care includes supporting LSC members, especially the Deacons, as they seek to provide a caring and responsive network within the congregation. This care includes responding to e-mail and voice mail in a timely fashion.



The IM will engage in teaching to further the development and understanding of the journey of pastoral transition. (See introductory paragraph above.)


Through individual discussion as requested, the IM will share knowledge with and facilitate and encourage members on their spiritual journeys. (This function overlaps with pastoral care.)


Community Ministry and Outreach:

The IM shall lead the LSC community in discovering a deeper understanding of its Vision and Mission, identifying who we are as a community of faith, setting goals of the congregation and building cohesion around renewed commitment and new leadership.


The IM represents LSC to the public where appropriate and, along with the Board and members of the congregation, helps define the public presentation of Lake Street Church that is authentic, meaningful, and welcoming to inquiry from potential new members.


Review of Job Description:

This job description is intended to be a guide, not a directive. It will be reviewed by the Interim Minister and the Staff Relations Committee three months after the Interim Minister commences employment, and thereafter as needed or at the time of the IM’s annual review.


Candidacy for Senior Minister:

The Interim Minister is not eligible for consideration as the Senior Minister of Lake Street Church.


For More Information About Lake Street Church of Evanston

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