Sunday School classes meet during the worship service.

Summer Schedule and COVID-19 Update: Weekly online Sunday School for children is on a break for summer. However, we will be hosting a virtual day camp July 27-31, called Compassion Camp. Compassion Camp is open to all children from PreK-5th grade, whether they have participated in any programs with us yet or not. We will be meeting online, so Compassion Camp happens wherever you are! Lessons will include crafts, music, cooking, storytelling, and yoga-based movements, all around the theme of compassion for ourselves, our neighbors, and our world. To register, please complete a form for each child who will be joining us.



When we are meeting in person, children and youth sit with their families in the Sanctuary for the first 15–20 minutes of the service. Those in grades 6–8 then leave the Sanctuary to attend classes while those in grades K–5 come to the Chancel for the Moment as Children, after which they leave for their classes. High school youth leave for class after the sermon and meet until noon. The Sunday School Classes offered include: