A Place of Remembrance, Love, Gratitude and Peace

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The Purpose of the Memorial Garden

Lake Street Church’s Memorial Garden, dedicated on October 21, 2000, was created as a sacred space in which to meditate on the lives and contributions of loved ones who are now with us in spirit and memory. Located near the church’s courtyard entrance, the Garden invites us to enter through its gate, rest, and treasure the thoughts that may come in silence.

What Is “Memorialization”?

Lake Street Church will “memorialize” a deceased person by –

— Providing a nameplate engraved with the decedent’s name and dates of birth and death, and installing it on the plaque in the Memorial Garden.

— Interring the decedent’s cremains within the confines of the Garden. If cremains are not available for interment, the church will, upon request, provide a special card that can be burned and its ashes interred.

— Assisting in the writing of a personal description of the decedent, for inclusion in a book titled Their Stories, maintained by the Memorial Garden Committee.

A person requesting a memorialization may choose any or all of the above services.

Who May Be Memorialized in the Garden?
The privilege of memorialization is available to current and former members of Lake Street church, current and former active non-members, and church staff. It extends to their children, spouses or partners, and parents, as well. Persons whose cremains are interred in other locations may be memorialized in the Garden.

Service of Committal
Family or friends of persons being memorialized may wish to hold a service during which the decedent’s cremains are committed to the Garden. Committal may be part of a funeral or memorial service held in the church sanctuary; or it may be the central focus of a simple, brief service held in the Memorial Garden. In either case, the church pastor, or someone the pastor designates, will help plan the service. The pastor will officiate. If weather or ground conditions do not permit a scheduled Committal Service to be held, accommodations may be made for a later date.

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Planning for a Future Memorialization
Plans for memorializing an eligible person can be arranged at any time. The requestor will be asked to:
— Read the “Memorial Garden Policy.”
— Complete and sign the “Memorial Garden Agreement.”
— If cremains are to be interred, complete and sign the “Memorial Garden Release of Cremains” form.
— Make a one-time payment of $500, which will cover the costs of engraving and installing a nameplate for the Garden plaque; committal of cremains (if applicable); inclusion of a profile in our Their Stories booklet; and continuing maintenance of the Memorial Garden. This payment does not cover the cost of a funeral or memorial service, reception, or any associated honoraria.

All necessary forms and information can be obtained from the church office.

— Cremains will be interred within the boundaries of the Garden. They may not be enclosed in any type of container and will not be recoverable.
— No part of the Garden may be reserved for the exclusive use of one person or group.
— No markers, decorations, flowers, or other objects may be placed in the Garden.
— Pets or other animals may not be memorialized in the Garden.

On-Going Care of the Garden
The Memorial Garden Committee at Lake Street Church works with church staff to oversee and maintain the Garden and keep records of all memorializations.

Gifts to the Garden
Anyone wishing to volunteer to help maintain the Memorial Garden or to provide financial support can obtain more information from the church office.

Send us a message to request more information about the Memorial Garden.