A Prayer on the Occasion of Receiving the Coronavirus Vaccine

 January 22, 2021
Posted by Michael Woolf
Dear Lake Streeters,
I have heard some joyous news as some of our community members received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. I was inspired to write a short prayer for the occasion that may be recited before you receive the vaccine. At Lake Street, we believe that everything is spiritual, and the coronavirus vaccine is no different. It is my hope that this prayer might imbue your medical experience with the sacred. Please feel free to share with those in your life who might be looking to make these sort of connections between everyday life and the holy.
(Scroll down below the image for a text version.)

Rev. Michael Woolf, Lake Street Church of Evanston

Sustainer of All,
Hold me in your care as I receive this vaccine,
The work of scientists, the labor of healthcare professionals.
Bless the swirl of molecules and antibodies,
the mystical give-and-take of my body.

Remove from me fear,
For many have gone down this path before me,
And many shall go after me.
You made all things, and called them good.

Open my heart to gratitude,
Even in the midst of much suffering.
I give thanks for this jab,
A strange way to receive a blessing.

Stir my conscience to consideration of others,
That I may not forget my mask just because I am protected.
Remind me of my obligations to my community and myself,
And give me courage to receive my next dose.

Awaken me to vulnerability,
While I am a soul of light, I am an embodied being.
Draw near to me this day,
As I choose to celebrate life and community. Amen.